We recently recieved the most amazing gift from Kam Taylor. She took our families pictures. Above is the link to the slideshow of them! She does such amazing work. Below is the link to her website.

Westley's 4th Birthday Party

Our niece Penelope playing!
Our other niece Callie pretending to drive!

Birthday cards!

Callie Rose again.

Our Ezra giving Westley a toy to play with.

Uncle Cameron!

Aunt Jen

Ezra playing with the Balloon !

Westley looking at the balloon. (with his matching Zeke & Mommy Batman tattoo)

Zoe looking at the Balloon. (Not really, I think shes looking at mom but balloon was more fun)

Penelope is going to pop the ballon with her fork. :)

Zeke is "oh boying" the popped balloon.

Westley and his frosting lips.

They have the "Ha" face on of the Happy Birthday Song.

Im not sure what face to call this.

He sees the cup cake.

Grammie and the 4 year old.

The first wave of children.

Say cheese Penelope, NO you says cheese.

The most handsome Buz I've ever seen.

Zo Zo and See See (WEstley) matched.

HUm..... nose to nose
and more

The party hasn't even started and he looks so tired.

Thanksgiving 2009

Mr. Handsome all smiles for the big Bird! A little fuzzy but still worthy!
Seriosuly this is what Thanksgiving should be like more ofter. (aka: no dishes and no cooking required, my only suggestion next time they take off their shirts!)


I think I remembered why we dont trick or treat:
a. West cant eat candy
b. Our family (you know the ones who count to trick or treat) live sooooo far apart!
c. having to take apart and put back together a costume 5 times is really exausting!
My camera wasn't working so well but here are some really sweet moments of Zeke and Westley.
Zeke got out of bed to come say hello to the last trick-or-treater of the night... batman.
Oh but wait this batman is someone familiar, its Westley. (Zeke rubbing Westleys face)

It was SO so cute how sweet Zeke was when he saw Westley, they melt my heart.

Westley visiting Grandpa at work. (Grandpa's arm shown on right!)

Another one of West as batman!

Photo's not shown (and non existing) Westley helping Grammie hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Westley showing papa his "wheels" and of course Westley trying to score big at the fire dpartment (only to be sold short to an automatic fire alarm!)

MFD Childrens Harvet Party

If you look at Westley he is laughing because he just got the joker! Awww, I love batman! (and his little batmobile too)
WOW thats a lot of children!

At least on Halloween people will just think its part of the outfit! ;)

Sleep Over

This picture is so funny! (Its dark in the room I just used flash) Zeke is attacking the monster (aka Brock)
The monster fights back! (still in the dark)
and this is how we do lunch for 3!
Shes so busy so this is the only picture I could get! and of course its her interested in Westley.
Zeke can hardly wait for his very own puppy!

Matching P.J.'s that Zeke picked out for them! Thanks Grammie!
Telling Uncle Brock secrets!
SavingUncle Brock before he turned into a monster!

2008 Energy Bowl-a-thon

Meridian Fire Department Fire Families showing their support! We love you guys!
Grandpa and West!
Cute family of 3!

Dont you just love his shirt! "Conserve water drink chocolate milk!"
Mr. Bowler
Getting him a strike! (His helper is our friend Avery)
Avery's Brother Gabe
and our super Awesome Nephew Zeke!